Since May is the 5th month, I have a few top five posts coming up. To start I have selected  intergenerational ideas.

Unlike many other populations, there are not a wide variety of ideas on the web that are ready and easy to use for a mix of generations. By highlighting these resources I hope to encourage others to offer these special opportunities for interaction between generations.

1. US EPA: Examples of Intergenerational Programs: This site lists 6 sites with resources along with a description of what you will find.

2. Intergenerational Programs by Penn State Extension: This is a great site especially if you are just starting out. Research, ideas, curricula, links and much more is available at this site.

3. Generations United is a great clearing house. Here is the link to their Intergenerational Learning page. This group has conferences and a network of blogs. I highly recommend checking them out.

4. Christian Children’s Fellowship has Intergenerational Ideas for Every Month of the Year. Many though not all of these ideas have a religious basis. The nice part is they provide links to other sites. And, some ideas can easily be made secular and have the makings for some great interactions and experiences.

5. Music Sparks: Yes, you are at my number one spot.The intergenerational posts here can serve as session plans for you. For me it is a paperless file cabinet of reminders. Of course, music is key in my shares. Finding just the correct song to link the generations and to get them talking in so important!

So there you have it – my 5 go to blogs for intergenerational ideas. Do you have a different on-line resource? Please share it in the comments below!

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