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The Hays Public Library has recently added me to their Children’s Department program schedule. While one never knows who or how many children will attend, I can tell you this is a fun group! My April session was fully of sunny smiles and the sounds of rain.

Parents and others who work with children might enjoy sharing a similar session with children – in April or any time they are sharing a rain theme. Here is my basic plan.

Opening: “Welcome to the Circle” (Dave Holland)

Group activity in song: “Whether the Weather” (Lynn Kleiner)

Dance: “Sally Go Round the Sun”

Sound shower: The group sits in a circle. Everyone rubs their hands together. Instruments are passed one to another around the circle. Our list included: wind chime, rain stick, wood frog guiro, ocean drum, thunder tube, twisting drums, guiro, finger cymbals, and shakers.


  • “The Rain on the Window” (Lynn Kleiner)
  • “Umbrellas Go Up”  – Here is my singable version of this finger play.

Song: “If All the Raindrops were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops”

Make “spoons” to play: Each child was provided 2 plastic spoons and two lengths of packing tape to make spoons. The spoons are held with the two rounded backs together and taped at the base of the handle. The second length of tape is balled up and place between the handles to create space between the spoon backs. Spoons are played by tapping on things.

Play spoons while singing:

Sing the alphabet while reading: W is for Wind – A Weather Alphabet

Closing: “Love Grows”

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