May 13-19 is National Nursing Home Week. This year’s theme is “Celebrating the Journey”. During my employment as a nursing home activity director, I found this to be a busy, fun time for the residents. I was always on the watch for small ways to make memories during the week.

Music is a big part of celebrating. (To share this idea please share this Tweet.) For those musicians and health care providers seeking last-minute music ideas, I recommend consideration of songs about journeys and stages of life. Discussion questions could be added to create an event around each topic.


Stages of Life

A song most residents won’t know that seems to summarize a little about these two topics and mentions a nursing is “Seeing My Father in Me”.

To the many people who are caregivers and family members of those in nursing homes – Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of the residents.

To the residents of nursing homes – May you find people to love and support you as you continue to celebrate the life you’ve been given.

* For more ideas for those who are caregivers of older adults, visit Music Sparks on Facebook. 

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