During the last year, I have thought a lot about trying to offer some services through Skype and similar formats. Part of this has been inspired by wonderful people like Kat Fulton, MT-BC who interacts regularly with college music therapy classes around the USA. Driving in northwest Kansas can be affected by dense fog, blowing snow, high winds not to mention farm equipment and livestock on the loose.

As much as I would rather stay within my city limits at times, given the size of my community this would greatly limit my business. I am one of only a handfull of board certified music therapists in the western half of Kansas.  There are many without access to music therapy services in areas like mine throughout Kansas and in similar areas. In addition, I know staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities could improve the quality of life for their residents with increased awareness of ways they can use music. However, traveling to them to provide training would likely not fit the budget. Paying me (or others) travel to provide services would have even greater financial issues. In an era of budget cuts, finances are a big consideration.

I have noticed a few Speech-Language Pathologists are offering sessions on-line. As they, like music therapy, have a verbal and aural component, this has fed my interest.  Which leads me back to on-line services and a host of questions:

  • What would on-line services look like?
  • How would it function given the slower internet speeds often found in rural areas?
  • What services could be effectively and appropriately provided on-line?
  • What, if any, HIPPA issues would need to be addressed?
  • Could an on-line music community be created?
  • How would it function?

These are some of my questions and thoughts. What are your thoughts, questions or answers regarding on-line services? Share them NOW in the comments below.

If you are interested in exploring on-line offerings with me, contact me at: joann@music2spark.com.

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