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Having taken part in a Preschool Earth Day blog hop, I wanted to be sure and share some ideas for helping older adults celebrate. With  Earth Day around the corner on April 22nd, I know some caregivers are searching for some easy to use activity ideas. I’ve included a Christian and a secular approach.

Christian Approach

I live in a church going community. If you work with a similar group, consider a religious spin for all or part of your Earth Day Observance. Scripture could include:

  • Genesis 1:26
  • Job 12:7-10
  • Isaiah 11:9
  • Isaiah 24:4-6
  • Ezekial 34:2-4
  • Romans 1:19-20
  • Revelation 11:18

Hymn to sing:

Secular Approach

Here are some songs that speak about aspects of the earth and a couple of discussion starters to get you going.

– What a wonderful world

  • What things make the world wonderful for you?
  • How do we protect those aspects?

This Land is Your Land (chorus & first verse)

  • What resources in our country need protection?
  • What do we need to decrease smog so people can enjoy the “skyway”?
  • What do we need to do to protect the “golden valley”?
  • Consider writing a verse on things the group names

Where have all the flowers gone? (First verse)

  • What things have damaged the earth?
  • What keeps plants from growing?
  • Write your own verse about care of the soil or plants.

– I Believe

  • Highlight the aspects of rain, light, growth mentioned in this song.

-Mercy, Mercy Me: If you have a few boomers in your crowd, this would be a song to talk about how things have changed in how we care for the earth.

I Need to Wake UpThe group will likely not know this song to sing. But, the lyrics would be great for leading a discussion.

  • What do we need to wake up to?
  • What do we need to change?
  • What do we need to speak out about?

How will you use music to observe Earth Day? Please share it in the comments below.


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