Child with the Earth for Sing for the Earth

Child with the Earth for Sing for the Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As “Sing with Your Child Month” draws to a close I want to offer encouragement to keep the music going.   Here are five take-aways to keep the music flowing.

interact with you child. Don’t speak at them, speak with them. Allow them time to respond. Allow them space to create their own response – musical or not.

Share with them in making, listening to, and learning about music. Share with them whether you a music professional or whether you can’t “sing your way out of a paper bag.” It isn’t perfection that you are seeking. Rather model enjoying the process.

Experience music by listening, by making music, by creating music and dancing or moving. Sing or play an instrument. While you are at it, maybe let your child take the lead. If they want to dance, dance with them.. If they want to sing, sing with them. If they want to conduct your playing, let them lead.

Explore a variety of music with your child. The world is filled with many types of music. It isn’t about liking all of it.  One week your child may respond best to classical piano music and the next week they may love to move to Middle Eastern melodies. And, you may find new music to enjoy along the way.

Keep at it! Your child will change. You will change. More music will be created. And, as your child ages there is much more to explore including emotions. Music can be a great way to express and explore many  emotions.

So there you have it – five take-aways to keep the music going. Remember, “I seek” and you’ll have the first letter of the 5 take-aways.

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