Human tend to have a strong response to hearing their name used. We like to be greeted with our name. March 5th is Fun Facts About Name Day. Reading that got “The Name Game” running through my head. Every now and then I use this in a session. Here’s the song paired with clips from an old Saturday morning show!

Name songs are often included in my group music therapy sessions with older adults – sometimes by design, sometimes by chance. While there is a very long list of name songs at Names Universe, I have selected a few name songs those 65+ may enjoy.

Add more according to the preferences of those you live/work with. In the mean time, here’s a name song that may provide a laugh for you:

Several month’s ago, music therapist Amy Kalas shared a “What is Your Name?” on her site, Wholesome Harmonies Music Therapy. This is a great song for children.

What’s your favorite name song to sing? Share it in the comments below.

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