Leap to it! Leap Day will soon be here.

These special holidays are fun to celebrate – especially since I can pull out a four year old file of ideas, add a few updates and be ready to run a session. So let’s leap into the ideas.


Honesty, I have not lead a Leap Day music centered group for children, but I think from what I found searching the internet, it looks like jumping and frogs are biggies

I think this is a great day to use songs about leaping and frogs. Here are a few ideas:

Older Adults

For those working or living with Older Adults, the most recent Older Adult Music Sparks Newsletter had a three page PDF full of music ideas to use. In case you aren’t on that mailing list, I have a deal for you. Enroll for this monthly newsletter today! As a thank you for enrolling to those who enroll BEFORE February 24, 2012, I’ll send you this issue.


Here are a couple of songs young and old will both enjoy.

How will you share Leap Day with song? Leap to it and share it in the comments below. 

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