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Kazoos are wonderfully affordable instruments. They are easy to play. (My one-year old niece likes to play a kazoo.) So, let’s plan a big National Kazoo Day celebration on January 28th!

I encourage people to purchase or make a kazoo and share a few songs during the day. There are some terrific ideas for using kazoos in entertainment in this PDF by Kazoobie Kazoos. If you want something extra special and don’t feel skilled in music, check out Music K-8  “Fun With Kazoo”. This is downloadable. Based on what I heard in the sound clips, this is a fun resource.

As for me, I am preparing the children of Hays, Kansas for this special day with a special Music Sparks time at the Hays Public Library on Tuesday, January 24 at 4pm. Without giving too much away, I will have a “Pied Piper” theme. We’ll share a variety of “follow the leader” activities on different instruments culminating in creating our own kazoos which we’ll play in a parade in the Children’s Department. I’ll be sharing the details in a future issue of Ideas for Children & Intergenerational Groups.

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