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Last year at Chris Brogan’s suggestion I set three words to capture my goals for 2011. Those words were: Relationship, Health, Productive. Looking back, here is how those three words have shown themselves this year in my life.

Relationship – As I have stated, this year’s AMTA conference was all about networking for me. Having joined some special groups like Music Therapy Pro and Biz Savy Success Circle have exposed me to some amazing people and ideas. Having time to conversation with family has been a blessing this year.

Health – There has been no sign of recurrence of my papillary thyroid cancer. Religiously taking my thyroid replacement and NOT eating or drinking anything but water for an hour is a challenge some days, but is well worth it. I have continued to work on including a healthy diet and a varied exercise routine to support my health. I also am taking time for mental health.

Productive – 2011 has been productive. Moving over this website with the assistance of Laura Crum was a big landmark. I met and exceeded my three blog post per week. I have added sessions offered through Hays Recreation, continued to serve as a speaker at various community events, and have done some major uncluttering. I was a twitter host for Private Practice Online Survival Guide. What a wonderful way to learn and interact with others!

My New Year’s Eve post will share my three words for 2012, some of my plans around those words, and an opportunity for you to share your three words with the Music Sparks community.

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