Cover of Yo-Yo Ma

Musicians are dedicated professionals who spend years learning, practicing and perfecting their art.  Did you know that world renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma started playing instruments before the age of four?  That means he has had over 52 years of musical experience behind him.  While staggering to think that his experience alone qualifies for the early bird special at many restaurants, this is the type of dedication we expect from our musicians.  If practice makes perfect, half a century of habitude is definitely approaching flawless.

Sometimes, though, there are musical talents that prove age doesn’t have to be a limitation.  These brightly shining stars capture our attention and imagination.  There are some great organizations dedicated to seeking out and encouraging young musical ingénues.  The Center for Young Musicians prides itself on helping to shape and encourage youthful talent.  Similarly, the Young Musicians Foundation seeks out exceptional children but with a classical focus.  While there are these wonderful resources, sometimes we still find these gems turning up in unexpected places.

Every so often, we see some musical ingénue surface online or onscreen, attracting millions of viewers, sparking hope and warming hearts.  Television shows, youtube and blogs have offered a platform for them to showcase their talent.

Or remember Welsh singer Charlotte Church?  At a tender young age, Charlotte Church wowed everyone with her “Voice of an Angel” and performed for millions, including the Pope.   I remember listening to her Christmas album on repeat during the holidays (which reminds me…where is that CD?).

And when talking about young talent, it would be remiss of us not to mention soul singer Adele, who at age 23 has a beautiful rich voice of someone with far more years behind her.

And sometimes it takes amazing talent to recognize and acknowledge other amazing talent. (Warning: this video contains some strong language but a truly interesting and heartwarming scene.)

Why do you think young talent interests us so much?  Is it the potential, the possibilities that are on the horizon?  While there are child prodigies in many areas, music seems to have a disproportionate amount…why do you think that may be?  Is there a video that has spoken more to you?  Share it with us!


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