Christmas Music

Image by Chiot's Run via Flickr

This time of year, it is easy for me to hear and sing more holiday music than I can stand. Maybe it is an occupational hazard as a music therapist. Maybe it is the fact holiday music is now played at some businesses before Halloween. So, before I set off to see family for the holidays I do a couple of things.

  1. Set-up a couple different Christmas playlists. We have a quiet list, a couple lists by style, and our mass listing of many holiday songs.
  2. Set-up some fun listening lists for times you need a break from holiday music. This is a great time to refresh your existing playlists.
  3. Make sure to downloaded a few podcasts. When I travel I need a break from the news playing around the airport, the holiday music in the stores and the radio, and need a little mental stimulation. Podcast often provide this for me.
  4. Arrange to give your ears a break and read a little. Yes, every now and then we need quiet.

How do you prepare musically for holiday travel? Please share it in the comments below (& fill out the CAPTCHA).

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