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For those in the northern hemisphere, the day with the least amount of daylight is approaching. With is comes National Flashlight Day on December 21st. In my family, flashlights are a major source of childhood fun to the point my Dad hides his when the grandchildren are coming over.  Here are some ideas you can use to “celebrate” the day or brighten any day of your choosing.

Shadows in songs & words

  • Think puppets, making shapes with your hands. Need some inspiration, see this video! Need instructions then check this post.
  • Singing songs like “Me &  My Shadow” and “Love Walked In” are ones older adults may recognize. Preschool Express has some great partner shadow songs for children.
  • Share poems like Stevenson’s “My Shadow“, Adults and older children may enjoy Poe’s “The Raven“.


  • Flashlight tag can be played in many ways. There are several outside versions that are described in this post. You can also give everyone a flashlight in a darkened room. place a gel or sticker on the lamp portion of “its” flashlight so it looks different. and Play tag on the ceiling.
  • Sorting flashlights by size or color.

Other Fun

  • If you have an infant or toddler, consider using a flashlight in a darkened room. Shine the light near the child (but not in their eyes) so they can see it. move the beam around them so they can visually track the light. Encourage them to catch/touch the light. as they get older, than can move around to catch the light.
  • If your cell phone doesn’t have a flashlight, check for an app. It can come in handy when it is dark.
  • Create a song about flashlights, dark nights, and shadows. Use a familiar tune like to “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

Do you have another favorite way to use flashlights with children or older adults? Please share it in the comments below.


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