Twitter has been flooded by the hashtag #AMTArocks the last couple days. AMTA stands for the American Music Therapy Association. This organization really does rock in my view. AMTA  offers great support to its members and to those wanting to know more about music therapy. Visit the website! There you will find definitions, a listing of music therapists, videos, information on research, and much more.

During November, over 1400 people gathered at the downtown Atlanta Hilton for our annual conference titled “AMTA in the ATL: Advocacy, Therapy and Leadership”. Like most conferences there were opportunities for continuing education, concurrent sessions on a variety of topics related to music therapy, entertainment, and exhibit hall filled with vendors and informational sources. For me (and many others) the best part was the networking.

Seeing my former teachers and classmates is part of reconnecting to my past. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) I feel blessed to have these people still in my life. Still encouraging me to grow and to develop my skills.  Reconnecting with friends I have met throughout my 25+ years as a professional energizes me. These people are so open, so sharing, so passionate it recharges my energy banks. And, meeting my many new friends from my Twitter and Facebook life is a total blast. This group is managing to move me out of my comfort zone to explore new opportunities. (Here is an example of the ability of these people to move & shake things.  Ben Folds learned about music therapy through tweeting with these wonderful people and attend part of our conference to learn more.)  Who could ask for a better group of professionals?

I am so gratefully to the American Music Therapy Association members and employees who support me in providing the best, most effective treatment I can as a music therapist. #AMTArocks!

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