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Many people are in the holiday mode. Seasonal cooking has started! My daughter is the cookie maker. A little calendar checking uncovered December 1-7 is National Cookie Cutter Week. While visions of holiday sugar coolies or making crafts with them may spring to mind, how about a cookie cutter music activities to help you through the December activities. There is a short useable idea for preschoolers, intergenerational program, and older adults living in assisted living.

Theme: Snow

Target population: Preschool

Props: Create a rink with a rope or piece of cord. Cut pieces of wax paper larger than the children’s feet. Photos of actual ice rink and ice skates.

Music: Skater’s Waltz

Process to try: Discuss what ice skates and an ice rink are especially if you live in an area where children may not have experienced this. Play the music. While playing the music have children skate around on the paper.You can take turns and have children not skating play simple rhythm instruments while 1 or children skate at a time.

Target population: Intergenerational

Props: Select according to age and allergies from shaved ice, white paper punches, feathers, white foam peanuts

Music: “It Snowed Last Night ” 

Process to try: Pair the seniors and the children. Have them sprinkle the item down on the child’s hands as you sing. I have had lots of laughter and smiles with children 2-5 with this one. Don’t be surprised if a “snowball fight” springs to life.

Target population: Older Adults

Props: Have images of snowy scenes to share. Have mittens, a winter cap, a scarf, and ice skates as object to touch.

Music: Winter Wonderland

Process to try: Sing the song. List the various aspects of the season. Share pictures and the objects to add to the conversation. Include conversations about colors of gloves and scarves they used to have.

Do you have a favorite snow themed music activity? Share it in the comments below. (Be sure and complete the CAPTCHA.)

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