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November is Life Writers Month. Established by – Denis Ledoux, the author of “Turning Memories Into Memoirs, A Handbook for Writing Lifestories” (Soleil Press, 1992).
Ledoux believes writing your story is a way of:

“…affirming and celebrating your hopes and dreams by rediscovering the why and how of your life.”

Why not write a song lyrics as a way to write & share your story? Here are some steps to use this process.

  1. Determine what you want to share – a summary of your life, an event, a period of life (e.g. – how you met your spouse).
  2. Create a list of words & phrases around what you selected. Be descriptive.
  3. Looking at your list, determine the feel/mood you want – upbeat, slow, fast, chorus & verse. Decide if you feel comfortable creating a tune or would rather use an existing tune. If you are going to use an existing one, select one now.
  4. Time to start writingIf you are going to write your own tune, begin to set your material into lyrics. Then, begin creating the melody.If you are using an existing tune, use that song to help you create a rhythm and structure for your lyrics.
  5. Sing through what you have written making adjustments as needed.
  6. Record your creation.

Have fun! This is your story, your song. If you post your song on the web, please share a link in the comments below.

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