…your alarm wouldn’t just “go off” in the morning, it would sing you awake.

…a bathroom scale wouldn’t measure your beltline, it would belt out arpeggios and trills.

…dueling pianos would be the national sport.

…disagreements wouldn’t be talked out, they would be sung through.

…road rage would get drowned in a road melody.

…all television would be an interactive musical between the program and the viewer.

…art, music and gym would not be “electives” in schools.

…brushing your teeth wouldn’t be a chore, it would be a chance to practice the xylophones.

…everyone in politics would lift their voices and find at least one moment of harmonious agreement together.

…when you enter a room, you would flip on the music while you switched on the lights.





How do YOU imagine a world run by music therapists?  Share your ideas with us!






Thanks to SillyJilly, ILoveMemphis and Shaymus22 for use of their photos!

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