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Social media allows us to interact with many people. It provides access to a wealth of information. I have a presence on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook that relate to Music Sparks. What’s in it for you if you following me in one or more of these networks? The short answer is I want to make your life, your work a little easier and more enjoyable if you interact with older adults and preschoolers. Here are the specifics.

This Blog

I want this blog to be a go to resource that shortens prep time for those working with older adults & preschoolers. Much of it is themed based. If you are an activity director, a therapist, a volunteer,a caregiver, a child of aging parents, a parent or a childcare provider there should be some easy to implement ideas here for you. If you know some one who could benefit from such a resource, spread the word.

I want to promote interactions between these wonderful populations. I support this through providing some resources to get you going. Sometimes we need more than weather and the latest aches for conversation starters especially when children are involved.Many of my intergenerational posts will assist families seeking ideas to help their children interact with their grandparents or older family friends.

I also try to share some thought-provoking material from time to time. Guests have provided their insights to share other perspectives with you. Remember, if you have ideas or want to provide a guest post, I’d love to hear from you.

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I do my best not to flood the stream with excess posts. I do participate in chats such as #eldercarechat which often results in some extra posts for that hour. On Twitter, I try to retweet the posts that inform, make me smile, or make me think. There are some amazing folks I have met through Twitter including a wonderful music therapy community. Being able to connect across the globe is fascinating!

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In honesty, I am still working on making the Music Sparks page be a stand alone resource. As a part of that, during November 2011 you will find the following items unique to this place:

  • Monday Mention: A person, business, or website I find interesting and helpful. If you have a resource to share, I invite you to do so on this day’s post.
  • Tots Tuesday: Whether you have a young child or work with a young child, this post is for you. Songs, resources, books will be included. Feel free to chime in with your recommendations, too.
  • Wednesday Word: Each week I will post a word. I ask you to share a song for either older adults or young children that includes that word. Together we can build a resource for future groups.
  • Thought for Thursday: A quote will be shared. I’d love to hear what they make you think about.
  • Friday View: A video I have found on the web. The content will vary from thought-provoking to silly.
  • Saturday Summary: I’ll summarize my posts, lift up upcoming events, make announcements.
  • Sunday Song: I’ll be sharing a song each week from various sources. If you know a good one, let me know!

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Related things:

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