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November is International Drum Month. Talk about some fun! Be sure and visit the PlayDrums website as they have some nice resources and videos. The emphasis is on provide learning opportunities for groups about drumming. There are some great educational resources on the site including Roots of Rhythm which I have been using as a resource in my work with preschoolers and older adults for the last year.

I love the push on this is making for music in education as well as recreational music making. But, I feel they missed mentioning some important groups – drum circle facilitators and music therapists. While the PlayDrums group may not feel skilled to address these areas, I wish they would have linked to sources related to them.

The difference between drum circle facilitation and music therapy is articulated in an easy to understand manner by Kat Fulton. Both groups are utilizing drums for positive outcomes. Having experienced drum circles lead by a trained, skilled facilitator I can tell you it is a joy and a great workout. As a music therapist who regularly used drums in my group, I can say there ways drums are utilized is vast.

There are many on-line resources on drumming & drum circle facilitation. Here are a few:

  • Drum Circle Facilitators Group – includes a link for locating a facilitator near you
  • HealthRhythms – Remo percussion site with link to locating facilitators they train, research, and professional development
  • UpBeat Drum Circles – Christine Stevens, MT-BC is taking drum circles to some amazing places. Check out her video, articles, and other resources on the site.
  • Kalani – music therapist, performer, percussion specialist who shares a wealth of information and great videos
  • Music Therapy Drumming – A professional development resource for music therapist.
  • Rhythm for Good – My music therapy friend, Kat Fulton, shares many insights on drumming in therapeutic and corporate settings.
  • Developing Community Music – This site has a variety of resources.

Do you have a resource on drum circles or drumming in music therapy that I have missed? Please share it in the comments below! Happy drumming!

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