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Two of the assisted living facilities for which I provide Music Therapy services have an Egyptian theme this month. The exposure to this culture in northwestern Kansas is pretty limited. So I have planned a session of songs that mention things found in Egypt and opportunities to share fun facts about this country. Here is some of what I will be sharing:

Music to set the mood while gathering:

  • “Buhamiak” – Bidaia
  • Malam Ini (This Night) – Debu
  • “Love of Goddess, Part II” – Ray Spiegel Ensemble

Move to: Steve Martin‘s “King Tut

Filler music during the session as pass out materials & drums:

  • Pyramid of the Sun” – Lex Baxter
  • “Ghawazee Dance”-Ra’is Qinnawi Mizmar

Songs to stimulate conversation:


  • The “Steam Engine” rhyme found on Mama Lisa’s World
  • Yimsik Asess – Raquy and the Cavemen

I will also be interspersing many facts on Egypt. What would you include if you lead a similar session?

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