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Children seem to dig talking and singing about dinosaurs. Today is my final intergenerational session with a dinosaur theme. The children have had a great time sharing all their dinosaur knowledge with me and the assisted living residents. It has been fun to have the children be the experts! They have us all digging our time together.

Here is some of what we shared over our six classes:

Theme song: “I Wish that I Could See a Dinosaur” by Jo Eklof

Lots of partner songs I found on a variety of preschool sites including:

  1. I’m a Mean Old Dinosaur  (Tune:  I’m a little Tea Pot)
  2. Triceratops (Sung to Three Blind Mice)
  3. Stegosaurus Song (tune of John Jacob Jingle)
  4. The Dino Dance-O (sung to the tune of “The Hokey-Pokey”)
  5. We will Stomp You (sung to “We Will Rock You”)

As always I included books:

  • “I Met a Dinosaur” by Jan Wahl & Chris Sheban  sung to the “Adams Family theme”
  • “Dinosaur, Dinosaur” by Kevin Lewis read in rhythm
  • “Dinosaurumpus!” by Tony Mitton as presented in this video.

Those you receive my newsletter received a few other resources including a drum activity that has been a big hit with the kids and older adults. I invite to sign up now for this awesome monthly resource. Just fill out the form located in the column on the right.

Here’s an update!

Wade Richards, MT-BC of Time for Music has a fun resource for me to offer my readers. You may down load the PDF of Dinosaur Bones from his book Songs for School Days.  Thank you, Wade for this generous gift!

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