We all experience points of sadness in our lives. Sometimes we grieve loses. We may grieve because something has changed. Sometimes, it’s just too much of the same weather, pattern, problems, whatever… Maybe we feel blue. Face it we all have a down moment from time to time.

How do you lift a down mood? Do you expect to so suddenly lift like a stage curtain? I view it as small ebbs & flows of brightness and sadness. I see it as a gradual process – working in small joys and smiles. Like the basket in this photo, we gradually work out from that low point. Bright spots begin to appear. Whatever contributed to our downtime may leave a mark but it might allow us to grow into something more – just like this basket.

My brother Tim, was born on this date in 1967. His death in August of 1995 was difficult for my family. But, he left some beautiful art work and a lifetime of memories. As time has pasted, we have not forgotten Tim but have woven the sunshine of his art, our memories of his music, and the sound of his voice back into our lives.

The words of this song performed by Peter Paul & Mary catches my view on changing from sad or down emotions to more positive, uplifting ones. It is a gradual weaving in of sunshine..

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