Polka (Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis)

In the 1870’s the Ellis County Kansas area experienced the immigration of Volga-Germans. They brought with them their faith, customs, traditions, and heritage. The richness of this group is still evident today in foods like bierocks, grebbel, and the popular green bean & dumpling soup. The language, music and dance has also impacted the area.Whether it is a wedding or October, polka is king.

Currently in Hays, KS we are between two major Octoberfest celebrations. Given how much fun polkas can be, I thought I’d share some song ideas for use with older adults or an intergenerational group.

Some people may want to get up and dance when they hear the music. In fact, even if they can’t get up, I encourage you to include dancing “The Hokey Pokey” and “The Chicken Dance.” Both can be easily modified to a seated dance. And, it is a FUN way to exercise.

The following are some familiar polkas that are often played. If people are unable to dance, why not chair dance or play percussion to them!

Some polka songs that are fun to sing include:

Here are a few other songs that are often sung at polkas in Hays:

Do you have a polka or Octoberfest tradition? Do you have a favorite polka song?


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