Have you tried to Google “I’m looking for inspiration”? Well, if you’ve ever battled writer’s block, it’s probably been one of the many avenues you’ve explored in order to help you craft a blog entry that just doesn’t want to be written (or a song that just doesn’t want to be played, or any other daily action that stubbornly refuses to act like it should and be completed already!).  While a desperate Google search for inspiration yields precious little results (and none of them very inspiring), we have to find it somewhere.  A perusal through some of the music therapy blogs and twitter conversations show just how many places inspiration lurks.  In fact, it seems we can find it almost everywhere.

It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest places music therapists find inspiration is from the music.  It is, after all, the first word in the job title!  Considering the extensive musical background required to become a certified music therapist, it’s only natural that music be such a positive force.

The second word of the job title, namely “therapist”, is also an indicator.  Across so many music therapy blogs, we can read about the lessons learned and the great insight that is gained from working with clients.  No matter what age or stage, there seem to be an unrivaled string of wisdom gleaned from music therapy sessions.  Older adults have a whole backdrop of knowledge and experience that can only come with time.  Children, on the other hand, are inspirational for the exact opposite reason.  They haven’t been limited, haven’t been compressed by expectations and understandings of the way the world works (or is supposed to work).

Beyond those two (admittedly broad) areas, the music therapy online community has a diverse range of ways to find inspiration.  Whether from history or from technological wonders, inspiration seems to be lurking around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.  JoAnn finds much of her inspiration in themes.  She’s really pretty genius with them and has a great way of spinning them out for understanding and variety.  Whether her theme is focusing on legal addictive stimulant (my personal favorite vice!), an exotic nation or celebrating the neighborhood, she always manages to come up with numerous and different examples that can resonate with her audience members.

Where do you turn when you need inspiration?  Do you have any go-to places to help put you in a creative mindset?  How do you overcome burnout or writer’s block?

Thanks to Seth1492 and Mike_Cantwell for use of their inspiring photos!


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