I like participating in traditions, superstitions and good luck rituals.  It’s not as though I actually believe throwing spilled salt over my left shoulder will help me avoid bad luck or that finding a four-leaf clover will bring me good fortune; but I’ll still scoop up any fallen salt and take a quick look around before tossing it over my shoulder, just like I’ll search through a patch of clover trying to find a stem with that extra leaf on it.  After all, it couldn’t hurt to spread some salt around or pick a weed here or there!

Mostly, I like the continuity of these little rituals and the perceived ability to influence things for the better.  Even though I know my mundane actions don’t actually make a difference, they have the ability to help set my thinking and actions down a familiar path.

One of my personal little traditions is that at the start of every working week I play “Manic Monday” by The Bangles.  There’s something about that song that I connect with, that helps me to focus away from the stress of it being Monday and makes me feel calmer, more in control.  If you listen to the words of that iconic 80’s song, the singer bemoans the start of the work week and how the day has already gotten away from her before she’s even started.  In other words, it sounds like she’s having an Office Space “case of the Mondays.”  I’ve never been a Monday-hater…in fact, it’s my favorite day of the week, perhaps because of my musical ritual.  Somehow, having those words vocalized for me eases them out of the day and I’m able to start it fresh.  That is powerful music therapy!

There are a number of songs that talk about Mondays.  While I like “Manic Monday,” maybe “Monday Monday” by the Mamas and Pappas or Jimmy Buffet’s “Come Monday” is a better fit for you!  What little musical rituals do you subscribe to?  Are there any songs or rhythms that are able to turn your day around?  I’d love to hear about any music traditions you’ve incorporate into your life!


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