In 2003, the US Senate passed a resolution making September 28th “Good Neighbor Day”.  (This isn’t a plug for State Farm Insurance.) This special day is about appreciating those who live around us no matter their age, ability, ethnicity.

This is a great day to:

Hold a block party

Get to better know your neighbors

Help a neighbor with a task

Play games with those in your neighborhood

Visit with your neighbors

Make music with your neighbors

Speaking of music, I’ve gathered a few songs about neighbors in case you feel like singing!

For children:

For older adults:

For an intergenerational Group:


For caregivers of older adults, here are some discussions for this special day:

  • What does it mean to be a neighbor?
  • How does a neighbor act?
  • Who were the special people in your neighborhood when you were a child? an adult?
  • Tell me about your neighborhood


Please share a comment on how you are observing Good Neighbor Day. I’d like to leave you with my childhood idea of what a neighborhood was like: “The Andy Griffith Show”. Feel free to sing or whistle along with this great theme song.

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