I’ve been hanging around the music therapy online community for just about six weeks now.  I’ve been impressed by a number of different facets of this community: the sincerity, the dedication, the professionalism…the list goes on.  These are fitting and admirable characteristics that everyone should strive for in their lives but two aspects have especially caught my attention; specifically, the diversification of specialization and the collaborative atmosphere.

The music therapy bloggers cover a broad range: there are students, global thinkers, autism specialists, researchers, social media enthusiasts and trail blazers.  The different perspectives create a holistic community outlook where you can be challenged and inspired from every direction.

Not only are the music therapy bloggers diverse, they’re also in it together.  While it’s common for like-minded people to find each other online, it’s not as common to find everyone so supportive of one another’s efforts, offering insights, suggestions and encouragement where needed.

These two characteristics offer us a unique opportunity for a little online project that is guaranteed to garner some interesting blog posts, creative approaches and at least a little bit of fun!  Since the music therapy community online is so active and engaged, we thought it would be great to harness all that energy and pull everyone together around one topic for a week.



Who: The Music Therapy Community and it’s readers.  Or tweepers.  Or anyone, really, who wants to play.

What:  We’ll present a one-word theme and you can do anything that you’d like related to that word: it can be a youtube singing video, a blog entry about a memory, a book recommendation, anything.    The sky is the limit!  We really just want you to do what you do best and post it on your blog for the rest of the music therapy community to view and comment on.

Where: Your blog.  Let us know if you are contributing and we’ll make sure to add you to the running list we’ll be keeping here on MusicSparks.  You can email LauraTCrum@gmail.com to make sure your post is recognized.  We’ll also spread the word through Facebook and especially Twitter, since there are a lot of tweeps who are sure to be interested.

When: This week, September 4-10.  Anytime, day or night!

Our Topic This Week:  “Blue”.

“Wait, what?  Why blue?  What kind of blue do you mean…the color, the emotion, the style of music? Can you clarify this for me?”  Well, no. We’ve picked “blue” because there are so many potential interpretations and the route you choose to go is up to you.  It’s ALL up to you!


So, are you in?

BLUE Challenge Posts:

Thanks to TracyHunter for use of her image!


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