3 back to school morning boostsSaying my daughter is not excited about going back to school is an understatement. (No, that isn’t a picture of her.) She is a true teen, a true musician. Mornings are not her thing! Whether you have a teenager, a child in elementary school, a pre-schooler or are an adult preparing to return to a class schedule, there are three things you can do to boost the energy level in the morning.

Restart the bedtime and wake time schedule. Depending on how “off schedule” your summer has been, it takes time to reset the body clock. We had a very laid back schedule at our house, so we have started a couple of weeks out with gradually having earlier bed and wake times.

Try adding a positive affirmation to your day as you turn off the alarm clock. It can be short like “new day, new opportunities” or something long. I find affirmations help me have a positive focus to my day.

Add a little music. (You knew this was coming, right?) With the advent of mp3 players and iPods this can be easy. My daughter often plays music as she puts on her make-up. I may play music as I prepare breakfast.  It doesn’t have to be peppy, just music we like. When she was little, I had relaxing, lullaby CD’s I played and sang with at her bedtime. My favorite CD’s were:

I would also sing little songs to wake her in the morning.

What are your favorite ways to awaken on a school morning?

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