Go 10

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As I am spending some time reflecting on my life, my business, and my profession this summer, I set some goals. One of the goals for my business is to be in the top 10 blogs of one of my areas of interest when people do searches a year from now. So, I looked at the three areas in which I wish to excel – music therapy, music for older adults, and intergenerational music. Whether you are a music therapist, a client, or someone interested in the field, you may find these sites to be of interest.  Using Google, here’s what came up for Music Therapy when I eliminated news articles:

10.Music Therapy Tunes

9. Music Therapy Research Blog

8. Music Therapy Tween

7. The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Blog

6. Music Therapy at Marysville 

5. Soundscape Music Therapy

4. The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris

3. Listen & Learn Music 

2. The Music Therapy Maven

1.The Mindful Music Therapist 

As I often read these blogs, I have an idea of what makes them stand out. They are by many I consider leaders in music therapy social media. My next post will highlight blogs on music with older adults.

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