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Some singable stories can be used with recordings, read, or sung live. Today’s selections work all these ways. These books are:

Rock Steady” by Sting, illustrated by Hugh Whyte  The story of Noah’s ark is retold using toe tapping music available from various sources. The illustrations are bright and eye catchy. I would recommend this book for ages 3-8 years of age. Older children can compare and contrast the story to other versions.

“The Jazz Fly” by Matthew Gollub, illustrated by Karen Hanke This book comes with a CD that helps set a wonderful jazz tone. It is fun to create your own flies and have the group scat when not using the recording. It can be a way to introduce various instruments including a bass, sax, piano, and drums. I would use this book with 4-8 year olds.

Here’s a little about these two special books: 

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