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Given the dual nature of my work – older adults and preschoolers – I feel there are slightly different definitions for whom and where I wish to work depending on the age group. This post focuses on older adults. As most of my contacts are in facilities, you will notice a nod in that direction.

I do not want to work with you if you:

  • want me to volunteer my services
  • see music therapy as just entertainment
  • don’t want your staff to take part in the process of my sessions
  • expect just quiet singing
  • aren’t open to exploring a world of music and experiences
  • view a 10 AM session as beginning strictly at 10AM
  • think someone is too confused/ to sick to benefit from music therapy
  • can’t be bothered with encouraging people to attend
  • don’t want to move the furniture to facilitate groups

I want to work with you if you:

  • enjoy my energy
  • allow me to share my observations with staff
  • encourage residents and staff to work together in creating a home like environment
  • are willing to witness laughter and tears
  • see learning and growing as a part of living no matter your age
  • value each person for what they can add
  • know the power of music (or are at least open to exploring it)
  • willing to try new things, sing new songs
  • see the abilities of the residents
  • enjoying offering services that engage your residents
  • encourage intergenerational activities

Now you know who I want to work with in the Hays, Kansas area. For more information on my services for older adults, see this page.  If this interests you or your facility, please contact me: .

If you live outside the area or just want to learn ways to provide some special resources in the lives of older adults, I  invite you to sign up for my FREE newsletter – SPARKS! 

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