Grandma Cuts Loose

Image by diver227 via Flickr

Mother’s Day for older adults can be an emotionally packed day. The fact that mothers, sisters, children have passed can add a feeling of loss to the day. The sudden influx of cards and flowers brings joy for some while others look on feeling forgotten or less loved. These feelings are not just limited to the women, the men share them, too!

As an activity staff member in the various levels of care, I tried to find ways to honor and acknowledge the emotions of Mother’s Day along with providing stability. That and  Joan Shaw’s “The Joy of Music in Maturity” lead me to a month of singalongs with womens names. In other words, I add more of the names and songs about women throughout the month but switch my emphasis to almost exclusive use of these songs the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Here are a few of the songs I have handy during the month:

There are so many name songs, I’ll stop here. Knowing that some names (example – Albina) don’t show up in songs, I may a song like “Mary” and we insert names of those in the group along with their nicknames. Do you have other favorite songs about women? I’d love to learn what they are, so please share them in the comments below!

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