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With April now at the half way point, I am making plans for my May Music Therapy sessions at area Brookdale Senior Living facilities. In particular I am working  on the  theme: “South of the Border”. (Those in other long term care and assisted living facilities may be preparing a Cinco de Mayo celebration.) Based on what I know about music familiar to these residents, I am taking more a “Gene Autry” approach – in other words more songs about Mexico than from Mexico.

Songs most likely to be included in one way or another are:

  • Alabare’, Alabare’
  • De Colores
  • Don Gato
  • South of the Border
  • La Cucaracha
  • Mexicali Rose
  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • El Chocolate
  • Down Mexico Way
  • In a Little Spanish Town
  • Vaya Con Dios
  • Cielito Lindo
  • La Bamba

There will likely be a little mariachi music played for a movement portion of the group. The egg head shakers will also come out to use as maracas. If you have suggestions, I’d love to have you share them.

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