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Come early on Sunday, March 13, 2011 it is time to set the clocks ahead one hour. Daylight savings begins. The prospect of one less hour of sleep is not one I welcome around my house.  In a house full of creatures of habit (a teen & two dogs), trying to shift everyone’s internal clock is not easy.  For those with young children, I hate to tell you the ability to tell time doesn’t make time changes any easier. Still this annual ritual brings many songs to mind.  Here are just a few I might use in a music therapy session with adults:

  • The Times they are a Changing
  • My Grandfather’s Clock
  • Syncopated Clock
  • Turn! Turn! Turn!
  • When I’m 64
  • Yesterday
  • (I’ll be loving you) Always
  • Cat’s In the Cradle

Very soon, I will release another newsletter with even more time resources.  In the mean time, I would love to have you share your favorite songs and books about time.  Ticktock, time is passing!

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