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Thank you to all who took part in my poll regarding recorders & seniors.  86% replied they had not used recorders with adults.  14% said they had.

My reasons for considering starting a senior recorder class were simple:

  1. March is Recorder Month so it got me considering the possibility.
  2. Beginning recorders are affordable instruments.  They can be purchased from companies such as West Music for $4 – $8.
  3. Recorders take air control but not much force to play.  Playing increases your awareness of breath.
  4. Learning as a group is a social outlet. Being social is important for all of use.  For some seniors such options are limited.  I saw this class as a short-term offering to help people connect.
  5. Learning something new is important at all ages.  Research is showing the importance of using this ability especially as we age.

That said, I’m not sure at this time I will pursue offering recorders to seniors but I may at some point in the future.  I would love to kick it off with some ensembles and solo works by players at various levels at several community events to help create interest.  So more advanced planning is needed on my part.   If you have adult recorder opportunities in your community, I’d love to have you share information on them here.

For those who are interested in learning the recorder and aren’t aware of resources for learning in their communities, I found a site that provides demonstration, simple songs, and instruction for at home learning:

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