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Yes, it is still winter.  Yes, the Super Bowl was just played.  But, soon the baseball spring training games will begin.  Baseball season is a source of conversation for many.  Here are some ideas for having a baseball themed music group with older adults.

Besides singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game“, there are other songs that deal with baseball:

While many of these songs are well-known “heavy hitters”  they would make great home run songs for a “Name that Tune or Trivia” game of baseball.  An idea for breaking away from songs would be a fill in the line using “Casey at the Bat” for scoring a base run.  Songs for cities or states with baseball teams will also work for this type of game.

A session could have a warm up time of stretches, jumping jacks (which can be modified for those seated),and  catching balls.  The group could then sing the National Anthem.  The line up could be announced with each person being named and the group cheering for them.  To add more sensory input, bring in various old mitts, types of bats (wood, metal), and balls.  Baseball cards could also be included.  For aromas (depending on allergies and setting) there are peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, beer, and colas.

What ideas do you have to “pitch” for the fun?  I look forward to seeing them in the comments.

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