Rio Carnival, the winners parade

Image by emmablackbird via Flickr

Carnival in Brazil and Mardi Gras in New Orleans will culminate on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 – Fat Tuesday.  Here are some ideas for use with older adults which I will be incorporating in my Sterling House sessions.  This year the Brookdale’s focus is on Brazil – a culture rather foreign to many seniors in north-western Kansas.

When I think Brazilian music, sambas and bossa novas come to mind.  Songs that come to mind with actual or perceived ties to Brazil the participants may recognize include:

When I think Carnival I think of bright colors and dancing.  What I know about it comes from television & movies.  I found a ten minute informative video on YouTube which may help you in planning the feel & festive nature.  

In thinking how to bring this festive flavor to my sharing, I will use the Cha cha as presented in Kat Fulton’s Drumify.  I am also thinking we’ll do a movement activity with scarves and streamers.  As Mardi Gras is a more familiar to the groups, I’ll use a little “Oh When the Saints” “Little Liza Jane”, “On the Bayou” and “Tiger Rag”.

As this a plan in progress, I would love to hear your thoughts & suggestions for celebrating Carnival with older adults.

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