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I am currently preparing for a class through WKSA at FHSU on “Colors, Shapes & Sizes” and will soon be doing a color theme Music Sparks class on Colors. Colors are so much fun! Depending on ages of the children and their awareness, you can do so many things.

Twister – I use the chant from “Sound Shape Playbook” by Lynn Kleiner & Christine Stevens.  We often put a hand on the color or an object.

Colored instruments: drums, shakers, bells – I ask for instruments of a certain color to play or have the students identify the color they were given.

Scarves & Paper Streamers – Movement activities are a lot of fun. One song the students enjoy is Lynn Kleiner’s “Rainbow ‘Round Me”.  Sometimes I give them 2 or more streamers of different colors to select from so they can all participate in each verse while other times it is one color per person.  The “Hokey Pokey” can also be modified to be a color dance.

Songs:  The songs “Jenny Jenkins”, “Lavenders Blue”, and “Yellow Submarine” comes to mind as one I introduce.  There are lots of fun partner songs for colors available on the web.  A few sources are:


I hope this provide you a start on having colorful, musical fun with kids!

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