An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...

An array of Valentine’s Day-connotated candy decor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Valentine’s can be a great time to pull out some traditional folk songs.  A few are:

  • Down In the Valley (maybe just the selected verses)
  • Clementine
  • Lavenders Blue (dillie, dillie)
  • Lil Liza Jane

Another one I like is Woody Guthrie’s “Mail Myself to You”.  It is one that also works for mixed ages.

One of my favorite “love” songs to sing with chidden is “Love Somebody” – a traditional American folk song.  The version I learned when  like this:

Love somebody.  Yes, I Do!
Love somebody. Yes, I Do!
Love somebody. Yes, I Do!
And I hope somebody loves me, too!

I’ve made a recording of the song with a drum option I have used.

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