It is no secret that I love leading intergenerational groups of preschoolers and older adults. The interactions that often occur are beautiful to witness.  Using music with such a group makes it all the better!

For those interested in starting such a group I would recommend looking at “Musical Bridges” by Joan Shaw & Carna Manthey.  (You can locate this resource on my “Fun Things to Buy” listed under Misc.) Published in 1996, this book presents twenty-five themed events.  Benefits to participants nd preparation for sessions open the book.  Sessions include the following:

  • opening song
  • musical warm up
  • interactive songs or activities
  • movement
  • cool down
  • closing

For those who desire assistance in establishing such a program, consider contact a music therapist in your area.  For those in the Hays, KS area, please feel free to contact me if you would like to establish such a program at your facility.

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