Carte d'Italie avec les régions sans les noms

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Much of my morning has been spent preparing for a sing-along of Italian favorites in January.  Living in an area settled by Volga-Germans, this has been a bit of a task.  But, I think I’ve got a plan that will work.  Here are some highlights you might want to use with your groups:

  • Singing – A few on the songs planned are:

“Arrividerci, Roma”
That’s Amore
Santa Lucia
“Funiculli, Funniculla”

  • Drumming – We’ll play along with “Mambo Italiano”
  • Dancing – Together, we’ll do a modified “Tarantella”

It will be fun sharing such a rich culture and a variety of songs with the residents.  Please post any further ideas you may have.  Together, we can add “Spark” to a day with in a musical setting.

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