Image by Grant MacDonald via Flickr

While winter is not officially here, cold weather has started to enter Kansas.  With it, I am preparing to start an intergenerational class centered on winter weather.  It will afford reminisce opportunities for the older adults:

  • What things did you do during the winter?
  • Have you been ice skating or sledding?  Tell us about it.
  • Share you tales of building a snowman.
  • Do you like the snow? Why or why not?

For the children many there will be many learning opportunities including:

  • Counting snowmen
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoors
  • Sounds of a Kansas winter
  • Body parts

If you would like some ideas to use on your own centered on winter weather, sign up for my newsletter.  This edition is scheduled for release on December 6th.  For parents of preschoolers in the Hays, KS area, you can learn more about this class on my “Preschool Classes” page.

Here wishing everyone a winter filled with joy & wonder.

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