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Next week, I will share songs centered on the theme our “Colorful World”.  In doing so, I am struck by three thoughts.  The first an appreciation of colors. Next, the number of songs that comment on colors.  And lastly, how wonderful is the gift of sight.

In appreciating colors, take a moment to look at the space around you.  Focus on the colors and the many shades. My, what variety!  How amazing to have a vocabulary to express the essence of each.  How does one develop that understand & vocabulary?  Start listing songs to go with each color.  Some are easy (there seem to be a ton of blue songs) while others are more difficult (magenta?).  Then there are songs that just describe the world and it’s wonders.  Consider this:

Yet I also realize that sight is a gift.  How amazing our eyes are at providing a range of information.  It is something many take for granted.  Yet, everyday I encounter people with low or no vision.  Some have experienced “normal” sight while others don’t have that history.  They may see with other senses.  What considerations go into raising a child with low vision? How does one accommodate an aging family members loss of sight?  Do I make appropriate accommodations during my music sessions for all the varying issues with sight?   I encourage you to follow along on a journey of a family member as they look at accessibility for the blind and visually impaired at

In the mean time, take a moment to say a word of gratitude for your sight and the colors around you.

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