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For many people, the start of the school year and the passing of Labor Day signals a start to many activities.  For Music Sparks it means sessions are in full swing.  That was my cue for themes this month.

Most of the September sessions have themes to do with being “on the go”.  As one of the group activities, I am allowing people to lead instrument playing using red & green lights/plates.  My August 31st newsletter introduced this theme with many ideas around traveling by land and sea.  The newsletter being released on Tuesday will deal with “High Flying Fun”.  I love singing all these songs about means of transportation and places to visit.  It can also be great conversation starters for most ages.  Consider:

  • To where have you travelled?  What was the most memorable?
  • How did you get there?
  • Where would you like to visit? Why?
  • What is your favorite way to travel?

So, why should we heed the traffic light?

  1. Go/Green –  We oft have places to visit whether it is for work or pleasure.  Make sure you have both types of appointments on your schedule.
  2. Caution/Yellow – Stop & go are important concepts for children to learn especially for safety.  But, learning to wait – observe the yellow light – is a concept we  should also consider.  Slowing down can be important in our lives no matter our age.  Rushing doesn’t allow for much observation of surroundings.
  3. Stop/Red – As the song says “You better stop and smell the roses.  You better count your many blessings everyday.”  Taking time to just be present, to breath, to appreciate is so important for our health and our relationships.

So, heed the traffic lights in your life.  Be sure to use all three lights in your life.

Wishing you joy & peace!

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