With reality TV shows on organizing, hoarding, and child rearing, there is an opportunity to look at people, their environment, and their lives.  Sometimes I gain insight on my own life from such programs.  I do find I function best in a generally clean and orderly surrounding though I tend to be a person who like to flit from one pile or task to another.  Yes, I am a haptic soul.  Even my music interests are quite varied.   But, I digress.

Our surroundings influence us.  Many studies have shown this. This includes our sound environment.  (Hmm, don’t think I’ve seen a realty show with that focus…)  One such study (which I will include in my May presentation) was published by Mercado & Mercado in a 2006 “Music Therapy Perspectives”.  They studied the results of modifying the sound environment of a nursing home with psychiatric disorders.  Through interventions such as decreasing background noises (such as TV’s playing and staff conversation volume) and controlling the background music, they saw a decrease in aggressive incidents, use of PRN and STAT medications, as well as less unplanned staff absence.  Sounds like they made it a better sound environment for clients and staff.

Try making changes to your sound environment.  Let me know what you try and what you experience.

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