Cleaning on a Music Therapy blog?  Yes, because it is a part of healthy living.  I started the FlyLady program in February 2010.  I love the fact it can be personalized, promotes, short cleaning periods, and encourages healthy living.  There are parts that don’t apply to my life.  For example, laundry every day doesn’t make sense in our house.  Now, for my younger sisters with small children, it would make a lot of sense.  So, check out her website!

Now for the music part – I have created my own playlist to help me through my cleaning.  I sent it to iMix today so it should soon be available for your perusal.  It is titled “Music Sparks Cleaning Music”.

Some are there so I can sing-along.  Others help me to relax while others energize.  What’s on your cleaning playlist?

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