As a Christian, I am entering a reflective few days before entering the joy of Easter.   Given the mood of these days, I lean toward reflective music for my listening.  I wish to  share one such selection with you.  No matter what your religious preference, Ihope you enjoy this virtual performance of Eric Whitacre’s “Lux Aurumque”.

The lyrics translate as ” Light, warm and heavy, pure as gold, and the angels sing softly to the newborn baby.”  While it is a Christmas song, for me the reflective nature and the “newlife” of spring, brings it an appropriateness  to the current  season.

Lux Aurumque appears on the Grammy-Nominated recording Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst and other Choral Works (Polyphony, Stephen Layton, cond. Hyperion Records ©2006) and on Eric Whitacre: The Complete Acapella Works (BYU Singers, Ronald Staheli,cond. Arsis Records ©2002)

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