As the holiday season fades into memories and the New Year gets into business as usual, consider regularly setting aside a few minutes to relax.  My favorite way to relax involves music.  So, here is my recommendation.

First you will want to select some music for relaxing.  For those with iPods/mp3s, you can set a program.  I general select an ambient piece of music from one of my yoga cds or a very gentle selection from a “new age” source.  Then you will want a selection for the musical journey that is relatively predictable and calm.  Here are a few suggestions for music:


  • A Journey Within – Wayne Jones “Yoga”
  • My Orchid Spirit – Liquid Mind “Reflection”


  • Holst: The Planets – 2. Venus
  • Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 for Soprano and Cello

Start your music, find a comfortable position, take a few deep breathes, and begin to focus your attention to your body.  Locate points of tension breathing into them and as you exhale allow the tension to leave the body.  Once you are relaxed, move your focus to the music.  Allow the music to carry your thoughts as you listen and enjoy.

Live in the Hays area and want to learn more?  Contact me to schedule a Supportive Music and Imagery session.

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