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January is International Creativity Month. Consider this a challenge: make creativity a part of each week during the month of January. Then share your creative venture tagging it with #Cre8tiveSpark. Or using this link and inserting your efforts.

In the latest issue of Bright Ideas (click here to access it) I shared my belief in fostering creativity with any age. If you find these ideas helpful, please subscribe here.

Opening up to the creative process lets dreams take flight. Consider including a variety of creative opportunities this month: movement, visual arts, music, cooking.

With children, here are ideas with singing  and structure;  playing and listening;  and a great book along with color songs.

With older adults, here is a starter list of songs and resources about art.

If you aren’t on Twitter, consider sharing how you met the #Cre8tiveSpark challenge by answering on Facebook each Friday. Each week do something creative yourself or offer a creative opportunity for others. Share is on the Music Sparks Facebook page. Together we can create a fun list of creative activities.


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  • linda esposito Reply

    Not to sound trite, but you are so cre8tive, JoAnn! I never knew there were so many themed months until I came to MusicSparks :).

    Other than in my head, I’ve got to be the one of least creative people I know. Did I mention my mom’s an artist? Interesting dichotomy, indeed.

    I could endeavor creativity on the cooking front, though. I love to eat, and since I’m committed to a more health-conscious fare, I’ll look for creative ways to spice up the vegetables and grains.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

    • JoAnn Jordan Reply

      I find your posts very creative Linda. Cooking can be a great creative outlet. Go for it!

  • Ann Becker-Schutte Reply

    Linda, I second JoAnn–your posts are always entertaining and creative. But I was also going to go with cooking for my own creative outlet. I have an excellent new cookbook, plus a shiny new juicer that is creating all kinds of pulp that I am challenging myself to use.

    JoAnn–thanks for this challenge. What a fun idea. I’ll be trying to make myself remember creativity in this busy month!
    Ann Becker-Schutte recently posted..Holiday Self-Care Series: Time to PlayMy Profile

    • JoAnn Jordan Reply

      Go Ann! I look forward to seeing your juice creations.

  • Rachelle Norman Reply

    Yay for creativity! We all have it – I’m not sure why so many of us downplay our abilities to think outside the box.
    Rachelle Norman recently posted..Top 10 Posts of 2012My Profile

    • JoAnn Jordan Reply

      We are are all creative. Allowing space is key, Rachelle.

    • JoAnn Jordan Reply

      Thank you, Kathy.

  • irenesavarese Reply

    I love decorating my house, mostly by moving stuff around when I clean. Just got a go at my daughters room while she is at college.I sure hope she likes it. Other that that, I think creativity is in everything we do. If not for creativity life would be very boring.
    Thank you for an inspiring post JoAnn!
    I agree with many of the comments Linda – you are very creative.
    irenesavarese recently posted..How Couples Should Behave On Social Media Sites.My Profile

    • JoAnn Jordan Reply

      I’m with you Irene. Decorating can be a wonderful outlet. And, much of life is a creative process. The big purpose of my post is to encourage people to be purposefully creative.

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