Mirrors: Reflections in Song

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English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Schminkspiegel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some special days go by with little notice but have the potential for great impact. Compliment you mirror day  (July 3rd) is one of them.

There are a lot of people who have issues looking at themselves in the mirror. Some people love looking in the mirror.

Here are some ideas for having a mirror discussion with older adults. Some of these songs might also work in an intergenerational discussion with teens and older adults.

Do they see Jesus in me? (Joy Williams) – This one would be most appropriate for Christians. Use the questions in the lyrics as points of reflections. Take time to reflect on the times they have been Christ-like n addition to the times they could have acted in a different manner.

Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) – This song might work in an intergenerational group of older adults and teens/20 somethings. You will need to get the older adults to focus more on the lyrics. Questions might include: What are some bad habits you see in others? What does it take to change habits in a life? What things to do see as needing changed in your life?

Mirror Mirror (Barbara Mandrell) – For the Country music fan, this might be the one to start a discussion. Asking ourselves about relationships in which see view ourselves as foolish can be a conversation starter.

The Mirror (from “The Mirror Has Two Faces“) – An instrumental piece, I selected this one more as a short piece for background music on a guided vision. Have them look into the mirror in their mind looking for a beautiful moment. then have them share or draw that moment.

Reflections (Tony Bennet) – This song reflects on old love. How have your romantic relationships shaped your life?

Smash the Mirror (from “Tommy“) – Discuss why people might want to smash a mirror. Do they believe breaking a mirror brings bad luck?

Have you ever explored attitudes towards mirrors with older adults? Please share in the comments how you set up the discussion.

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  • Rachelle Norman

    Our pastor had a sermon series a while back using mirrors as a metaphor, and one week a soloist sang “Man in the Mirror” following the sermon – it was incredibly powerful to hear in that context.

    I like to look in a mirror with an older adult and sing songs that point out their beauty, like “Oh You Beautiful Doll” or “Hey Good Lookin’.” Mirror-related discussions could be important with older adults who are dealing with depression or grief, too, especially since our society doesn’t particularly value the beauty of old age.
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    • JoAnn Jordan

      Wonderful point, Rachelle. An area that has interested me the last couple years is Chinese face reading. One of the concepts is wrinkles are the make of what we have learned. Remove the wrinkle and you may need to relearn something. Society seems to advertise against signs of aging. I wonder how we go about changing that attitude?